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How To Call Anyone From Anyone's Number In Your Phone

Call Anyone From Anyone's Number
Call Anyone From Anyone's Number

• Call Anyone From Anyone's Mobile

We all want new things in our android phones and always search something new about technology or technical things so keeping in mind that we are going to tell you about a surprising thing that is really amazing for you.

You will be surprised when you know about that but we are confirming that use it in a right way not in wrong way.

So finally today we are talking about an application that is really amazing and may be very useful. With the help of this app, you can call anyone from anyone's mobile phone and also know how to call anyone with any number for free.

Now you are thinking this is fake so don't worry we will prove this is not fake it works really well or you can say in other language it is a magical app.

But first we have to confirm for using it you should know both numbers that are put on the interface of this application.

Using this app you can take fun with your friends and colleagues easily without any restriction.

So follow all the instructions given below
You will be able to call someone from a different number in android app.

Firstly, you have to go google play store and search 'Call India - Intcall'. You will get an application with 4.1 rating that is downloaded by 500 thousands + times.

If you don't believe yet, you can also check all the comments in app review bar are given by many users.

So let's start

Easily you have to download and install it in your phone as you open this application you will get an interface where you have to put the number from which you have to call to anyone not yours.

As soon as you put number you have to go one step forward now you will get again an interface where you have to put the number whom you have to call. These both steps you have to do carefully.

And then it will definitely call from the number that you have put first one, it means it will automatically call from the number from which you want to call and the process will be completed how to change your number when you call someone.

You can also see in the picture below

Easily make the conversation effective. Your friends or colleagues will be surprised by you but always remember you must be connected to the internet during the call.

If your internet connection is down, your call automatically will disconnect.

And main thing is that this app gives you only 3 minutes to talk freely and if you want to talk more than 3 minutes, for that you will have to buy extra minutes.

In one installation it works only one time it means you cannot change the first interface number from which you want to talk. If you have to call the second time from second number, you will not be able and It will be only when you again install this app in your phone.

So try this app and make all friends fool.
We hope that it will be useful for you and if you really enjoyed please share it.

5 Tips To Secure Your Wireless Connection ( Wifi ) - How To Secure Wireless Connection

Top 5 Best Tips To Secure Your Wireless connection
Secure Wireless Network

• 5 Tips To Secure Your Wireless Connection (wifi)

Now a days, the Internet is being used everywhere and it has become very useful for us as we are proceeding in the future.

Some people are enjoying it by using their mobile data and some people are enjoying it by connecting their wireless connections that is called Wi-Fi but those who run the internet in their phones with the help of their wireless connections ( wifi ) face a big problem that is some bad guys connect their wifi connections without their permission so that the speed of the mobile be slow and don't know how should secure the wifi network when any bad guy use it without permission.

But now if your wireless network is used by someone without your permission, don't worry and easily learn how can you make your wireless security. 

So today we will tell you some tips how to secure your wifi connection easily. There are some tips that will be really useful to secure your wireless connection from stealing anyone.

So let's start
First, you have to access the page of router's settings by putting a number of "" and then you just enter your email and password correctly that is set when you buy your router.

1. Change your default password that is set when you buy a router then a password is set for your router so for making your router more secure you should change your default password and you can create a new one after creating a new one it prevents bad guys accessing into your wireless connection. 

The password can be changed from the option 'security key' when you log in to your router’s settings page.

2. You should change SSID of your router that is set as default. It also makes your wifi connection secure in comparison to first. As soon as you set your router's SSID, you will always be secure.

Always be careful and never use your name, other personal information in SSID name. Put it unique that is not known by anyone.

3. Change your wireless security options of your wireless connection. If you really want to prevent your wireless network from stealing by other unknown devices so just change your security option.

To change this option on your Wireless network, Just follow it as it is mentioned below.

open the wireless security settings on your router’s configuration page and it will suggest you three options


but you should select WPA2-PSK [AES] or WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] these both options secure your wife but never choose 'open' because if you choose 'open' anyone can connect your network.

4. Reduce the range of your Wifi it will help to minimize unknown connections.
Many more people use their wireless connections without changing the range of their wifi and think there is no matter of range so we will say that they think wrong and should use their wireless connection in low range. 

When you use wifi in low range then it prevents no more bad guys accessing into your wifi so it helps to secure your wifi connection.

5. Check an unknown connected device if you think that your wifi is used by many more bad guys so use airsnare that is absolutely free and it finds all the  connections that are attached in your wifi.

So using this you can secure your wifi connection easily.

So these all are the best tips to secure your wireless connection.

We hope that it will be useful for you if you enjoyed please share it.

10 Cool Websites - All Are The Most Interesting and useful websites

10 cool websites
10 Cool Websites 

• Top 10 Most Useful Websites 

We know that Google is a really powerful search engine that helps to search everything whatever we want actually.

Easily it gives more solutions of our questions and also it minimizes all the problems related to any thing but do you know ? there are more interesting things available on it that may be helpful in many ways.

So if you use internet in a right way, this article may be very useful for you because today we are going to talk about 10 cool websites that are really very useful so here is an amazing list of websites and all websites are the best websites.

So let's start


We use internet connections in our phones and today most of the mobile phones show network speed upper side but there are some mobile phones that don't have this feature.

So if your mobile doesn't have such a feature then there is no need to worry.
Now you have a website name is It is one of the top sites and using this site you can find the current speed of your internet in your mobile without any dificulty.


If you are fond of air travelling, you will never have the right idea of coming flights but if you want to check status of your flight, you can easily check using this website

It helps to give a right location of your flight so it is very good website and helpful.


Basically we all find free videos that could be used anywhere but most of the people don't get it but we have found a new website where you will see many videos with creative common licensed.

It means you can easily download and use those videos in your content.

It is a place where you can find hd videos.


Screenshot guru is the most interesting website where you can take your mobile's or desktop's screenshot in high quality.
It is very easy to use.
So if you are interested, just check it.


It is the best web page for those people who are troubled by stress, sleep and they really want to get rid of their stresses and be fresh mind so this website can reduce
their all the stresses by learning the art of meditation.


If you like to read online, it will be one of the most useful websites.

It provides free online courses worldwide.
So it is very useful for students who want to do online courses.


If you are going to start something in your future and there is noone to guide you, this website will prove to be very good for you because here you get step by step guidance and can do better startup.


If you write articles or parapraphs and you have no idea of number of words so now no need to worry copy all the words and paste on this website you will get an idea of word's number easily.


If you are fond of singing and like to record songs so it is very useful for you.
Record your voice and upload it here.
It is one of the best music websites.

10. Giphy

Giphy is a site where you can find all types of giphys. With the help of these you can express your face in different types and be connect with new giphys.

So we hope that this article will help you to suggest about top websites around you.

How To Secure Debit Card Transactions Online - Always Be Aware

How To Secure Debit Card Details
Secure Debit Card And Credit Card

 • How To Secure Your Debit Card And Credit Card Transactions

As the time is passing, people are changing themselves and going offline to online but they don't know how it is safe so they have to be secure from all types of frauds because it is increasing in the huge ratio.

Whenever we buy something online or use online payment method then we don't know our transaction will be secure or not. 

So today we will talk about debit card safety tips that can be really helpful.

So let's start

1. http or https

It is really very useful tip for all of you how to protect your debit card online and most of the people don't know about that.

If you have to do transaction through any website that is not secure it means in the beginning of the site http is used then these types of sites are unsafe which can leak the information of your debit card that can cause you to loss.

But if the link of the website is starting with https then you need not to worry and can do transactions easily with high trust.

So if you are interested in doing online transactions so be aware from all the frauds.

2. Debit Or Credit Card

Generally for online transaction we use our debit card but we don't know that it's not a kind of secure way because debit card holds low features with itself.

Suppose that a hacker hack your debit card details and deducts money from your account, it will not be recover soon and it may be loss of you.

But if you do it from your credit card, you may also recover your money back in most of the cases because the credit card is more secure than the debit card.

So if you have a question how do you keep you credit card safe so just follow the instructions mentioned above so always use credit card for online transactions

3. Public WiFi 

How to protect your debit card from being hacked most of the people don't know use of public wifi may be biggest cause of their loss.

Everyone uses public Wi-fi whenever gets a chance but it may a cause of loss in some cases.

Sometimes when we are on public place and if the Internet pack has ended in our mobiles, we use Public Wi-fi but if you are doing a transaction with that network please don't do with it because it may leak you card details and your account will be empty.

So protecting debit card and credit card always use own network for transaction.

4. Protect Your Pin Number

Always avoid to see others security features of credit and debit card because pin number plays a big role Still, we don't pay much attention to this and we keep writing the PIN in our wallet but you shouldn't have to make this mistake.

You always have to remember the PIN number If you don't do this then someone whom you know well can harm you.

So keep secure your pin number from hackers

So we hope that these 4 ways to keep debit or credit card safe will be helpful.
If you really enjoyed please share it as much as you can.