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How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently - Easy Way To Delete Instagram Account

How to delete instagram account
Delete Instagram Account

• How To Delete Instagram Account 

Instagram is very famous application after facebook most of the people use instagtam.

In most of the cases people have one instagram account but some people use multiple accounts and use it easily but when they think to delete instagram account permanently then it become very complicated for them because of no knowledge how to delete instagram account permanently.

So Today we will talk about how to delete or deactivate instagram account.

So let's start

There are some very easy steps to delete instagram just follow it step by step as it is mentioned below.

Firstly you have to open your instagram Id which you want to delete permanently
Open your profile after that click on three points on the upper right corner.

As soon as you click on three points you have to scroll down and find 'help center'
Just click on that.

After clicking on help centre you find 'managing your account' now tap on that as soon as you tap on managing your account, you are asked for 'delete your account' just click on that.

After that you have to scroll down and you find many more instructions but you have to click only 'Go to the delete your account page' as it is mentioned below in the image.

After clicking on that you are asked for your email and password that you have used in creating your account. You have to fill up carefully your id information otherwise you will not enter in your Id.

Now you will find a reasonable tab. You have to give a reason why you want to delete instagram account permanently. You can tell your reason there are many reasons to tell in the tab you can choose one.

When you give a reason for deleting your instagram account you go one step ahead.
It will ask you to re-enter your password.

So simply put your password there and just below you can see in red colour 'permanently delete my account' so now you have to click on this and then ok .

So all the process would be completed and your account also be deleted.

And the same process in your pc if you want to delete your instagram account in your pc or laptop so simply follow step by step instructions as it is shown above.

Also from your pc your account will be deleted.

So this is the process to delete your instagram account easily.

We hope that this information will be useful and if you really enjoyed please share it.

How To Recover Contacts In Android - Recover Deleted Contacts From Android phones

Recover Contacts In Android Easily

• How To Recover Contacts In Android

Contact numbers in our Android phones
are very necessary and everyday we use it.

Although we don't give importance to the contact numbers but when for some reasons it gets deleted from our phones then we have an idea of ​​their importance and think how to recover deleted contacts from android phones.

and we do all the efforts for getting numbers back and think that the numbers come back in any way but sometimes we are very disappoint because of not getting the numbers back.

So if you think everything is finished then we will say don't worry here is two easy way to recover contacts in your android.

So let's start

1. Google Account Method

Google account method is very easy to use and simply you can recover your all contacts in your mobile.

If you think how to recover contacts from gmail so don't worry follow step by step as mentioned below.

First of all you will have to know It works only when your all contacts save in your google account otherwise you will be unable to recover by this method so always we will suggest you to save your contacts in your google account if you save your all contacts in your google account, it will be really easy to bring your contacts back or all the contacts can be extracted from there easily.

Suppose that if you accidentally deleted your all numbers, you can bring it back very easily.

So just follow it.

Firstly you have to go to Google contacts ( search '' ) as it is shown. If you are asked to sign in, sign in with your Google Account.

After that, all your contact numbers will be shown that saved in your Google Account.
To bring back the deleted numbers, tap on the menu as you can see after that click on 'more' option select 'undo changes' and then you have to select time because contacts recover only within 30 days.

After selecting the time, tap on confirm button. As soon as it is confirmed your all the changes in selected time will be recover and your all contacts will be back.

2. Apps Method

Suppose that your contacts are not saved in your google account then google account method doesn't work but there are best apps to recover contacts using these apps you can recover your contacts easily.

There are many applications available on play store that will really help to recover your contacts.

We will talk about only one ( EaseUs mobi saver ) that is really awesome.

It is one of the best contact recovery apps for android that can recover your all data of your contacts as well as photos, files, images, videos text messages etc.

So it will be the best contact recovery software for your android.

This is really best data recovery software. Using it you can easily get your data back.
We discussed only one app because it works properly so if you haven't saved your contacts in your google account you can easily use this app although there are more apps for recovery data but this is the best.

So we hope that it will be helpful for returning your all deleted contacts and data.

If you really enjoyed please share as you can.


5 Settings To Speed Up Your Android Phone 2018 - Tips To Make Android Run Faster

How to speed up your android 2018
How To Speed Up Your Android 2018

• Tips To Make Android Run Faster

We buy an new Android Phone it works smoothly but as the time passes its speed of working is slow and we think how to make our android phone run faster.

So now, need not to worry because here we have discussed how to speed up our android phone very easily.

So let's start

1. Turn off notifications

As soon as soon we enable our phone's mobile data a thousand of social site's notifications ( facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. ) Begin to show on the top of home screen.

It causes to speed down of android phone so if you want to get rid of notifications, go to settings and turn off it.

As you do this process your, phone's all the notifications will stop and it affects not to hang or speed down of your android phone.

This is one of the best ways to make android phone faster.

2. Protect From Viruses

You always install many types of apps to improve your smartphones and through these apps your phone gets many viruses that slow down your phone and then you think how to make slow smartphone faster.

But now don't worry here is a solution if you are interested to speed up your android phone.

Just go to settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect > Turn On

After doing this setting your phone will be protect from viruses and you can easily speed up android phone without rooting.

3. Block Ads In Android Phone

Today is a trend of ads inside the apps.

When we open any app, it starts getting ads on the screen and we close those after that do our process which we what to do in the apps so we will say it is also a bigger problem to slow down your mobile.

So to get rid of these problems you will have to do a setting after that your all apps be free of ads and you will learn a new thing how to block ads on android.

So just go to settings > Ads > Opt out of Ads personalization > turn on

4. Software update

We use our phones continuously, but the mobile phone has to be kept in mind as well as the softwares of the mobile.

Whenever you get an update of apps, you should update immediately to minimize all the bugs of the apps. It helps to improve your smartphone slow to fast.

So always turn on auto update option in google play store.

Also you have to check your sofware update if there is an update then complete that process and really it will speed up your android phone.

5. Uninstall Useless Apps 

In our phones we install many applications to enjoy different types of features but there are some apps which are only take space and slow down your android speed.

It is also a reason to reduce speed of your smartphone. So always have necessary apps not more useless apps.

If you have useless apps just uninstall it.

So these are tips make android phone faster 2018.

We hope that it will be useful for you and if you really enjoyed this please share it as you can.

Best Android Tips and Tricks 2018 - Most Useful Tips For Android Phones

Best Android Tips And Tricks 2018
Best Android Tips And Tricks 2018

• Android Tips And Tricks 2018 

Today we will talk about latest android tricks 2018 that can be really useful for your android phones if you follow instructions in the following about cool tricks for android phones.

Generally all of us use android phones and we only focus at its features but never think how it will be effective or useful. 

No doubt, we should absolutely use smartphones, but now a days As the time is moving forward, we all are spending most of our time on mobiles. So we have to focus how can we minimize the use of mobile phones.

Actually if we use mobiles more than usual. 
it affects our body parts and also more use of mobiles consume our precious time which we spend on that.

So here is best android tips and tricks  just follow it to make your smartphones more useful.

So let's start

1. Night Mode

As we know how the light of mobile phones affects our eyes whenever we use mobile's screen light with full strength, it directly affects our eyes, whereas most mobile componies provide the feature of night mode but we don't use it while you must use it. 

If you really use mobile phones till late night then you must use this feature so that you can take care of your eyes along with your mobile.

So it is really one of the best tips and tricks about android that can save your eyes.

2. Minimize the Use Of Smartphones

Now a days we use smartphones for basic usages, entertainment and more but since the trend of social sites has started, we spend most of our time on mobiles which affects our routine if we want to do any other work then it remains deprived. 

So we should minimize the use of our mobile phones so that we can also do those tasks which are necessary.

So just use your smartphones as much as it is necessary because unnecessary use is useless.

3. Keep Your Phone Away 3 or 4 feet

Well, as we know that we always stick to our phones and whenever we finish our work on the phones at night, we keep the phone adjacent and fall asleep. 

Actually this tip may be very useful for you, so we will suggest you that you should always keep the phone 3 or 4 feet away from you so that you can survive and enjoy good sleep avoiding radiations. 

Because if you keep your phone adjacent of you then radiations from your mobile phones can affect your sleep and also brain.
So using this tip you can be safe from the harmful effects of cell phones.

4. Use Original Chargers

Finally this is very important tip how to save android phone's battery life. generally we use only our original chargers to charge our mobile phones but sometimes or often some other chargers of the other companies are used by us for charging our phones so it is the most harmful to our mobiles actually it reduces your battery life and when chargers don't support then it heats to your mobiles so if you have to charge with other chargers so use only branded chargers with same output capacity and always keep safe your mobile phones.

So we hope that it all will be the best tips and tricks 2018 to make your smartphones more useful.

Top 5 Cool Tips For Phone Hanging Or Screen Freezing Problems

  1. Top 5 Cool Tips For Phone Hanging Or Screen Freezing Problems
    Fix Hanging Problems

• Top 5 Cool Tips For Solving Screen Freezing Problems Or Hanging Problems.

Now a days, mobile phone is very necessary in our life and we are using regularly but sometimes we actually irritate from our phone because of its hanging problems. 

Have we ever thought? why our phone face with these problems? so in this case we don't know How to fix these problems. Actually there may be because of less RAM, less storage, viruses in the phone etc. So we will give you some tips how to fix them.

1. Remove Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, our mobiles catch rough data that is unnecessary for our mobile.

Whenever we go on any website or open any application then some unwanted files store in our mobile's internal storage like catche and cookies files that is really harmful for our phone so for resolving them we have to clear all the unwanted files which is stored from the websites or applications so you have to go setting> storage> cache .

This is the first tip for resolving mobile hanging problems.

2. All The Apps Move In External Storage

Whenever we install apps from Google play store or anyother way then actually all the apps store in our mobile's internal storage so it's also a big responsible thing for hanging our phone so we can fix this after moving all the apps from internal storage to external storage that will work 100% and our mobile will be safe from screen freezing.

This is the second tip for solving hanging problems of the phone.

3. Multitasking

Suppose that, our mobiles have less RAM ( Random Access Memory ), less Storage and not good processor then we have to avoid multitasking in our phone Because when we do multitasking in our phone then it affects our processor, RAM, Storage and this is also a reason for reducing speed of our phone.

So If we have low RAM, Processor and Internal Storage then we shouldn't open multi applications or more tabs in a browser. Absolutely this idea will increase your mobile speed.

4. Avoide High Quality Games And Apps

Sometimes, in spite of less RAM ( Random Access Memory ), less internal Storage and not good processor we install many heavy applications ( High MB applications ) or high quality games in our mobile.

This also reduce your mobile phone speed . So if we have low RAM, Processor and Internal Storage then we should delete all the heavy applications and high quality games from our phones and we should use light apps for making it easier.

5. Shut Down And Reset

We should shut down our phone once in a day or reset the phone in a month. It helps to maintain regular speed of the mobile because when we do that, it completely refresh all the memory of the phone and remove all the unnecessary data from the phone.

So we hope that these tips will be really useful for making your phone smooth.