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5 Android Apps You shouldn't Install In Your Smartphone - Harmful Apps Of 2018

5 Android Apps You Shouldn't Install In Your Smartphone
Uninstall These 5 Useless Apps In 2018

• Don't Install These Apps In Your Android.

To make our smartphones very creative we install many more applications from Google play store or third party but we dont know how it will affect to our smartphones.

Actually many more apps which can really improve your smartphones but there are such harmful apps that reduce your smartphones performance so these apps you shouldn't download in smartphones.

So let's start

1. Messenger with Facebook

Facebook is really very famous application in the world. We all know that it is compulsory to install messenger app with facebook otherwise we will be unable to send messages to others. 

But you don't know that both apps cover much storage and RAM and it affects your smartphones performance so these both android apps to avoid and at the place of these applications you can use its lite versions that are unable to reduce your smartphone's performance but work properly.

So we recommend you not to install these types of unsafe apps for android.

2. Weather Apps

Weather apps are very useful in our smartphones and we always recommend you to use by default weather apps that is given in your mobiles so no need to install more other weather applications.

In most of the cases it is found that your phone's information can be leak to the attackers through the third party weather apps and it also may hack your bank account details and many more.

So if you get a preloaded weather app so no need to install other apps because it may be one of the harmful apps for android.

3. Antivirus 

All the antivirus apps are fake. If you think after installing antivirus applications your phone will be safe so we think it's a wrong thought.

If you download antivirus apps in any manner, it don't work properly and cover more RAM and storage.

So always be aware and don't install third party apps in your mobiles and also antivirus apps because it don't work although you have downloaded in any manner (from Google play store or third party).

The surprising thing is that your mobile can't get a virus until you download an app from a third party so you don't need to worry.

4. Battery Saver and Cleaner Apps

We always face our battery problems and think our phone's batteries down quickly and for using it long time we should install best battery saver apps and really we install it.

But believe us there is no use of those apps because all these types of apps are useless and it only takes storage and RAM not work properly.

Just like the battery saver is absolutely useless, there are cleaner apps in the same way. These are also absolutely unfriendly so we recommend you not to install these types of apps in your mobile.

So please don't install these worst apps.

5. Uc browser

There are more famous apps on play store for browsing and UC browser is one of them and this is really one of the best browsing apps for android. It has fast speed and more advance features that makes it at highest.

But you don't know It leaks all the informations of your phone to the other network so it may cause a big issue for your android phone.

So if you use this application in your phone just uninstall it right now.

So finally we hope that this information will be useful so if you really enjoyed, share it as much as possible.

Top 5 Best File Sharing Apps Of 2018 - Useful Apps For Sharing Big Files

Top 5 Best File Sharing Apps Of 2018
Top 5 Best File Sharing Apps Of 20185 Best File Sharing Apps Of 2018 

If we want to share data from one device to other device then we use basically share it that is really best app for file sharing on android.

But if you feel boring with this application then you can use other Top 5 android apps to transfer android files which we are just going to tell so you can say that there are more best file sharing apps available on playstore.

So let's start

1. We Transfer

We transfer is one of the best file transfer applications for android and we think that It is a simplest way to share big files or items from one device to other device. 

It has really good rating of 4.4 and 5 Million+ downloads. Using this application people can send one billion files in a month that is really big score.

For using this app just download it and select the items which you want to share to other. It requires the email address of the receiver as soon as you click next button then the receiver will get a download link.

With the help of this you can transfer almost 10 GB f data.

2. Zapya

Zapya is a fast share free file transfer application. It is a best way to share large files. This application works in Mac, Android, Windows, ios etc.

It supports more languages English, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese and much more.
It works without internet or wi-fi. So you can easily share files with the help of it.

Using this application you can discover videos shared by others and enjoy it.
It has three ways to share
• QR code
• Simple transfer files
• After creating a group

So this is really amazing one file transfer application.

3. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a also best file sharing app 2018. It works very fast and smooth without internet connection. It has good rating of 4.7 and 10 million + downloads.

You can send all types of files directly or using QR codes. Firstly you have to set default profile name and at first time it takes a 6 digit key for an easy transfer from one device to another device.

using this app you can share all the links via all the social media.
So really useful application for sharing files.

4. Share Apps - File Transfer

4 Share Apps is a quick file sharing app. You can share your all data by 1 click anywhere.

No need any type of internet connection and when it connects between two devices its speed goes up to 20M/s that is really fastest.

Using this app share all types of files like photos, music, videos, apps and many more.
It supports 25+ languages.

Its size is only 5.3MB and it has been downloaded by 10 million+ users. Its rating is also good that is 4.3.

5. Software Data Cable

Software Data Cable is one of the fastest apps for file transfer. Its transfer speed is up to 300MB/s that is really unbelievable.
It connects phones, Pc, Tablets, Mac etc.

With help of this application you can transfer audio, video, apps, files, folders from one to another.

It is very easy and secure to use. If you don't want to transfer files directly then you can scan QR Codes to connect devices with each other.

So if you really want to enjoy just download it.       

So these all are best fast file transfer apps for android.
We hope that this article will be useful and if you enjoyed please share it as you can.

Top 5 Best Android Apps 2018 - You should install in your Smartphones

● Top 5 Best Android Apps 2018

A few Days ago, I have already shared some amazing apps that were really best
android apps for all time if you have read that article.

Top 5 Best Android Apps Of 2018
Top 5 Best Apps of 2018

Once again we searched some unique apps that may be really helpful for you if you install these apps in your smartphone.

So here we will talk about Android's 5 most exciting apps that are available on Google Play Store.

So let's start

1. Google Handwriting Input 

By the way, you may have seen many typing apps, but the one we are going to tell is completely different and the best. 

Generally we use more different types of typing apps in our mobiles for using as a best typer but Google Handwriting Input may be perfect for your mobile. 

With the help of this typing app, you can type your own handwriting on its interface because this app can write about 97 languages ​​and you will get more than 100 emojis.

You can draw your own created emojis in funny way which can express your feelings well. This app works in only android 4.0.3 and above. 

So really It is one of the best free android apps that can be used in your phone.

2 . Walk Me Up: Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are very useful for those people who wake up early in the morning using alarm clocks but there are some people who stop the clock even after the alarm sounds.

so here is a perfect app for such people who show laziness. It helps to wake up the people. It stops only when you walk a certain number of steps. 

It can also find if you cheat with it. So we think it is the best alam clock which can help you to wake up early in the morning.

3. Opera Touch

When we are on the go or we work then browsing the web is very difficult. But here is an application that can make web browsing very easy. 

This application works much faster than other applications. As soon as we search anything on the web using this application it hits faster and give results within seconds.

with the help of this application you can use your one hand for web browsing. It also works as a ad blocker when we search or find on this browser then it blocks all the ads for loading faster.

 so you can consider it as a best web browser for android.

4. Edge Screen

Edge screen is an application which is responsible for making your phone's looking style gorgeous. 

Generally edge screen feature is available in Samsung Galaxy S8- Note 8-S9 but now using this application you can also make your phone's screen like edge screen. 

This application gives an amazing interface of your phone. With this application you can use music, favourite apps, favourite contacts, weather and many more tools on the edge of the screen. 

It makes faster everything which we want to do in our phone.

So giving an attractive look of your phone
This is one of the best productive apps 2018 just install it right now.

5.GFX Tool

GFX Tool is an application for changing graphics, resolutions and many more of the games. 

In most of the cases we install high graphics games in our phone and it works smoothly if the phone is new but if the phone is old then high quality games doesn't work properly.

But after installing this application you can change the game settings like resolution, shadows, graphics, FPS according to your phone and you can play all the high graphics games after converting in low one.
This is one of the latest apps for android phones released in 2018.

So that all are best apps 2018 that may be useful.

So if like this article please share it and stay connected for more.

5 Best Android Games Of 2018 - You Should Try In Your Smartphone

5 Best Android Games Of 2018 With Small Size
5 Best Android Games Of 2018

• 5 Best Android Games 2018

Games mean entertainment and entertainment is very necessary for us. So giving a little bit relaxation to our mind we play more games on our mobiles but we don't know which games would be the best for our android phones.

So generally there are more games available on Google Play Store but we will talk about Top Android Games Of 2018 that will work smoothly on your android device.

1. Snowboard Party

Snowboard party is a game that is actually very cool game that has 4.4 rating. It includes 5 million+ downloads on play store.

It has really good graphics. When you play this game you will feel the real snowboarding. This game can actually improve your all the skills about snowboarding.

You can perform at highest speed, Jump on the board, learn new tricks. You can also play this game in online mode with your friends all over the world.

So download it and enjoy of snowboarding.

2.  BasketRoll 3D

It is really amazing game with simple interface, high graphics and Soundtracks. It is more comfortable and easy to play.

This game checks your hand's stability on your device because when you play this game, this phone will work as a joystick (It means, device helps to control the basketball). 

As you cross the level, the dificulties increase ( more zig zag roads ) and it makes this game interesting.

So if you are interested to play this game, go and download it.

3. Strike Back

Strike back is a 3D shooting game with many missions over 300. This game is made for brave persons not for weaklings.

If you like fighting games, it will be the best for u because of its high graphics, high features. Playing this game you will get a great experience of rifles, gun machines and feel like a real soldier. 

You can play this game with different soldiers as you need because every soldier has a special quality in itself.

It has 4.5 rating with 1 million+ downloads so if you are interested then take it easily.

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

At a sudden we searched racing games on Google Play Store we got thousands results but finally we select one of best racing games that is really amazing racing game for your android device name is asphalt 8.

It is very popular game with 100 million+ downloads and rating is 4.5.
It has 200+ luxury cars (Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes etc.) and motorcycles with high quality features.

This game consist of more challanges for getting a good experience.
Using bikes and cars you can go against gravitational force in the sky after pressing a feature mode when you need.

You can do stunning stunts with the help of its amazing cars and motorcycles and enjoy listening music.

You can manage all the tools on screen as you want for making it easier.

5. King Of Dirt

King of dirt is a very entertaining game. It is actually riding game with magical stunts on different bikes like BMX, MTB, and much more. 

You can also create your own bikes as you want. As you proceed, you can unlock the stylish bikes for next level. 

Firstly you play, it will look very difficult but when you play continuously, it will be very easy for u. For playing this game in your android phone the requirements are minimum screen resolution 800 × 480, minimum RAM 1GB, Android version OS 4.1.

So these were Top 5 Android Games 2018 with high graphics and we hope this article will be helpful.

If you like this so please share as much as possible.

5 Best Android Launchers (2018) - Apps For Customizing Android Phone

5 Best launchers for Android 2018
5 Best Android Launcher 2018

• 5 Best Android Launcher (2018)

Today, we all want a good looking style phone with extraordinary qualities but we don't think about its internal beauty. Actually internal beauty means internal interface that can be customized  by launchers. 

So today we will talk about mobile's internal beauty.

In much cases, people use their mobile's default launcher but believe us there are more other launchers those can make your mobile's internal interface more attractive using these all 5 Fastest Android Launchers 2018.

1. Buzz Launcher

Buzz launcher is an application on Google play store that can give your mobile's internal look more attractive. It is available with 10 million+ downloads and 4.4 rating. 

It is a fastest launcher and can customize all the internal screen features smoothly. It has 1 million+ free themes and you can apply it for making your homescreen very attractive with single touch.

You can share your screens via social sites where you want and also using this launcher you can create your own customized widgets.

2. Lucid Launcher

Lucid launcher is available in two variants first one is Lucid launcher and second one is its pro version. It is a different type of launcher from all the other launchers available on play store. 

It is only of 3MB but with 1 million+ downloads. It works very fast and consists of smooth customization features.
Its features are 
1.  Scrolling home pages vertically
2. Edit your Icons
3. More widgets 
4. App search features
and more basic features.

Its pro version has extra features from first one. To get more features you can buy it also.

3. U Launcher Lite

U Launcher Lite is one of the best launchers that provides you best experience.
It includes
1. Thousands of free wallpapers and theme everyday that gives a unique look of your phone.
2. It finds your installed applications fast
3. You can manage applications smartly.
4. Hide Private Apps which you don't want to show on screen
5. 3D effects
6. Add more widgets on your home screen.
7. It can also boost
Your phone and save your battery.

4. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is the most famous launcher with 10 million+ downloads on Google Play Store and it is also known as Arrow Launcher. 

You can organise its homescreen with more widgets (clock, calendar and all the tools which you want), coloured themes, Icon packs. 

It is also searchable for all the apps and files and customize your phone screen as you want. Using this launcher you can lock your homescreen in double tap.

5. C Launcher

C Launcher is a free android application that secure your mobile phone with a security (It can secure your all the apps, files and documents). 

It also has a customizable interface ( It also manage all the widgets like search bar, weather information, clock, cleaner and more and also you can create your own themes using its DIY feature).

It includes more wallpapers, Icon packs for giving a good looking style of your phone internally. This launcher can make your mobile faster.

These all are best and free launchers for Android.

We hope that this article will be useful for you. If you really like please share it.

5 Best Music Apps For Android ( 2018 ) - Amazing musical apps

Best Music Apps For Android 2018
5 Best Music Apps 2018

• 5 Best Music Apps For Android 2018

Now a days listening to music is very important to us because it reduces our stresses, tensions and many more related to our mind so we use by default music player that has no more features for making it melodious. 

So Here is 5 Best Music Players with amazing features those may be responsible  making it one step high without hindrances.

1. Music Player ( Leopard V7 )

Music Player is one of the best applications for free to listen songs like studios because this application has extra features in comparison to by default audio players that can make it easier.

In this application you can change themes of the songs as you like, you can also do a quick search which helps to find your songs fast and has a equalizer that can customize your sounds in different styles. It can support lyric files, automatic scanning and many more.

2. Saavn

Saavn is a music player it is available on Google Play Store with 50 Million+ downloads and 4.2 rating.

In this application you can listen music in many languages and also radio stations. You can use it as online or offline music player. 

You will be notified when new content is available on that and the one thing is that if you like any song then you can add it in favourite list. In Saavn, Listen to all the best music like ghazals, pop, bhangra, remixes, bhajans and much more.

3. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player is a cool free audio player on google play store with 10 Million+ downloads and includes more attractive interface for giving you a best experience. 

It also includes extraordinary features like themes, ringtone cutter, transitions, animations, sleep timer, and swipe feature that is you can swipe to change your song. 

In this application with the help of ringtone cutter you can cut any mp3 song in ringtone size and much more features available in Pi Music Player.

4. Jet Audio Hd Music Player

Jet Audio Player is a free application on play store with different audio effects. This application includes all the files like mp3, wave, spx, .opus, flag, m4a and much more.

It has graphic equalizer with high sound quality and speed play feature. Main new feature is in this application, you can play songs via wifi and If you want to play next/previous songs then nothing to do just shake and it will change itself.

5. N7 Player.

N7 Player is the last one free music application in our list. This application is also one of the best Top 5 Android Music Players. It includes high quality sound
with10-band equalizer including more  presets. You can customize bass, treble etc with this application and it supports all type of files like mid, wave, m4a, 3gp, mp3, mp4, m4a and much more . You will get from it everything which actually you need.

So I hope all these Top 5 Android Music Players You will like it.

Top 5 Free And Best Camera Apps 2018 | 5 Best Camera Apps For Android

5 Free And Best Camera Apps For Android 2018
Top 5 Best Camera Apps For Android 2018

• Top 5 Best Camera Apps For Android 2018

Generally in our smartphone by default a camera is provided for clicking photos or videos but we don't satisfy with that because of its limited features. So we always find best camera applications with ultimate features.

Here is Top 5 Best Camera Apps for Android that are available for free in Google Play store.

So let's start

1. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 has two versions.The first one is Camera FV-5 Lite and second one is Camera FV-5 Pro. Camera FV-5 Lite is absolutely free and has 10 Million downloads with limited features ( DSLR manual, Focus mode, Autofocus lock feature, Light metering mode, white balance mode, manual shutter speed, exposure settings and ISO etc ). But more features in comparison to by default camera in your phone and Camera FV-5 Pro, that's not free but it has more extra features in comparison to Camera Fv-5 Lite.
So you can use both as you need because both are easy to use.

2. Open Camera

Open Camera is really one of the Best Top 5 Camera Applications 2018 for your smartphones. This Application is free of cost with useful features like colour effects, Exposure compensation, Auto stabilize feature, Handy remote controls, Zooming, Scene mode, focus mode, Optimization of GUI for left/right handed users,  Hd video recording and the main thing is in this application when you record any video then you can also take photos together. So you can install this application with its stunning features.

3. Sweet Selfie

Sweet selfie is a really suitable and easy to use. This is very famous application in Google Play Store. It has 100 Million downloads and also has good rating. It has much features like stickers ( newly updated stickers in many categories like fashion, animals, tattoos, hairstyles and many more), Blur, Auto beauty mode, Retro feature and more other features which can make our photos beautiful.

4. Camera Mx

Camera Mx is most popular application  with over 10 million downloads. This application can be used without purchase it means absolutely free.
With the help of this application you can click your photos by adding its all the features like zooming, all resolution support, customization of JPEG quality, HDR, auto fucus, filters, effects ( Mirror camera effects, Pencil and sketch drawing effects ) and all other features that are very useful for you.

5. Ractica

Rectica is a free camera application that allows you to click photos with different effects those can give your captured photos a different look. It contains 75+ filters in different styles. It also includes funny stickers and doodles. If you think that you should take multiple shots at a time then you can do with the help of it.
It means you can make a collage of multiple photos. So it may be enough for a selfie lovers.
So no doubt it is a good application for using as a camera.

Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2018 For Making Your Photos Attractive

Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2018 |
Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps 2018

• Top 5 Best Photo Editing Apps 2018

We always click many photos in our mobiles but we never satisfy and always think how can we make our pics impressive with perfection.

So now you don't worry, you can make your photos much impressive using these Top 5 Best Photo Editing Softwares 2018.

So let's start

1. Air Brush

Air brush is an application that is really helpful for making our pics charming with the help of its amazing features.
Suppose that if you have more pimples or unwanted spots on your face then you can remove those easily with it and this app has more editing features like Perfect Skin Tool, Filters, Blur photos, brightness, Crop, stretch and slim features, whiten teeth etc. So using this application you can make every pic perfect.

2. Pixlr

Use Pixlr application for giving your pic professional touch. it is really tip top photo editing software and also it's free. With the help of this app you can design your captured pic beautifully.

It has free overlays, filters and effects.
It has many varieties in colours, backgrounds, creating unique looks and also has other additional effects and with the help of this app you can also create pencil drawing ( sketch and posters ) which can make your pics impressive.

3. Pixal Lab

If you are begginer, it is right application to edit your pics because it is easy to use.

It has more effective image effects like hue, saturation, brightness. You can customize your pics with tip top graphics and the best thing is about this application that is its text style feature. It has a lot of text styles and you can also give 3D look to them. It has 50+ options to make your pics creative.

4. Snapseed

Snapseed is a professional photo editing software developed by Google. It is only of 23MB but it has 50 Million + downloads on google play store. 

This software also has basic features including Crop, Brush, Rotate, Perspective, Text, Curves, Face glow effects, and background blur feature including these features it has all about 25 + features.

So if you want to create your personal pic in glamorous look so install it right now.

5. Adobe Photoshop Fix

If we think about photo editing or video editing softwares, first thing we think in our mind that is Adobe because Adobe's softwares are good in both cases and here is one of them adobe software for photo editing name is Adobe Photoshop Fix. 

This software has more editing features like Paint, Colour, Smooth, Light or Dark features, Rotate, Pull, Adjust, Focus/Defocus and many more.

So if you are a Adobe lover then you should try this application. It will completely fine your images.

So These All were Top 5 Best Photo Editor Apps 2018. So I hope you would like this.

5 Best Android Apps (2018) - You must install for better experience

Top 5 Android Apps June 2018
Top 5 Useful Apps

• Top 5 Best Applications Of June 2018

Hey Guys,
Today I will tell you 5 best android apps 2018 which are really amazing and useful for your smartphone.
So let's start.

1. Authy

Authy is an application that is really protective for your android. This Application can secure your all the accounts in your phone.
Actually this application generates 2 step verification code that helps your account secure from hackers.

Suppose that your phone has been hacked then if anyone tries to open your accounts then it will take a security step that is two step verification.
It can secure all the accounts as Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, flipkart and for all other accounts in your phone.

2. NewPipe

Now a days, The most popular application is youtube specially in India so basically we play videos on that application but if you want to play all youtube videos in background of your phone then this application ( NewPipe ) will be really useful for u because you can play all the youtube videos in background using this application you can open other windows in your phone playing youtube videos.

3. Grammarly Keyboard

It's really amazing application, whenever we write any post or article then we do most errors but we don't know about that so now don't worry because this app helps to write any post or article without grammatical errors so you can write easily anything with confidence.

4. Canva

Canva is an application which can make very impressive designs, arts, posters, wedding invitations and other surprising logos. It consists of many more text styles for making images eye-catching. You can also change font size, colours, positions of Texts . It also contains many more editing tools which can create rare designs.

5. Fing

Fing is really Amazing application which can recognize unauthorized users who connect your wifi connection without your  permission. If anyone connects your internet connection without your permission then with the help of this application you can detect and remove it easily.