Gmail Account - Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Gmail Account - Delete Gmail Account Permanently
Delete Gmail Account Permanently

Gmail Account - Delete Gmail Account Permanently 

Gmail Account is a first step to start any online work. Without gmail sign in we cannot start anything online.

Actually most of the time we like to do online work in comparison to offline work and whenever we start any online work, firstly we need a gmail account because we cannot do anything without gmail account sign up.

If we want to start an online job, a new youtube channel or website definitely we need a gmail account. It doesn't matter
whether we want to do.

And you know how easy it is to create a gmail new account.

Whenever we do online work and gradually get success in it, we try to take it to a higher level and think about to start something new in that field.

So create many gmail accounts for it but at a time, when we feel that we have some gmail accounts which are not needed, we just think that how to delete them.

To Create gmail account is very easy but if we think how to delete gmail account, it becomes complicated because of no knowledge about it.

But don't worry I have a solid idea to delete your gmail account permanently only you have to follow step by step process as I mentioned below.

So let's start

Firstly, go on Google and type the website name " " or also you can type only ' my account ' when you type only my account you get a page of ' google account ' click on it you will redirect to the website ' '.

Now you get an interface as mentioned below. Remember, you can delete gmail account in both ( mobile or desktop ).
If you use mobile, I will recommend you to use desktop version in your mobile to understand all the process carefully ( it is not forced ).

In this interface you see options like Home, Personal Info, Data Personalization, Security, People & Sharing, Payments & Subscription.

Click on the option ' Data Personalization '.
As soon as you click on this you have to find ' Delete a service or your account ' option after scrolling down.

Note - Make sure you are log in with that gmail account which you want to delete otherwise it may delete other one.

Now as soon as click on ' Delete a service or your account ' you will get options

1. Delete a google service

It is a way to delete any google service which you have in your phone like gmail, youtube and other google services.

2. Delete Your Google account

From here you can get all the data in your google account.

3. Download Your Data

It is the main part. Using this option you can remove gmail account it means permanently delete your gmail account.

4. Make A Plan For Your Account

Here, you can decide what will be happen with your data if you are not using your google account.

But you have to click on the option no 2 that is Delete Your Google account.

As soon as you click on it It will ask to you the password of that gmail with which you are already logged in or the gmail account which you want to delete.

Enter the password and go one step forward and then you have to mark both the box as it is mentioned.

And finally click on delete button.
Your account will be permanently deleted.
I also didn't know how to delete my gmail account but using this process finally I did.

So this was the step by step process to delete gmail account.
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