Delete Facebook - Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Delete Facebook - Delete Facebook Account Permanently
Delete Facebook Account

Delete Facebook - Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Everyone knows that there is a lot of social sites and you will probably be unable to reach any type of news or anything else if you don't use it.

If we talk about the most popular social site that is facebook and I think that there is hardly any untouched from it. It is the most used app today.

It's very easy for all because of simple process to create an account and any person can easily create an facebook account if they have a little knowledge about it.

Here you all can share your pics, feelings and whatever you want to say and now you can also add your story like whatsapp status.

So it is a complete package of entertainment, awareness and much more.

You should have seen also that despite having an account, multiple accounts are used and due to the large number of accounts the confusion goes up and then they just think how to delete facebook account because to create an account is very easy but to delete the account much difficult.

I think that some of the people know about to delete the account and most of the people don't know about it so today, I am going to tell you that if you have a lot of accounts and you want to delete some of them then how can you do that.

Only you have to follow step by step process to delete or remove facebook account.

Facebook Id Delete Process -

Firstly, I have to inform you there is lot of apps related to facebook like facebook, facebook Lite, Messenger and much more and it confuses which app we have to use to delete the account.

So if you are confused, don't worry I will recommend you not to install any type of app but only you have to type on Google ''.
From here easily you can delete your facebook account.

As soon you search for, you will see an interface as mentioned below.

You get here more options :

1. Home

Here, you find all the posts of your facebook friends, you can like, share and easily give reactions on any post according to you.

Here you find only your facebook friend's posts not others.

2. Find Friends

This is an option which show you who can be your friend, here you can find friend requests and easily confirm them.

Here you can also send friend requests to others whom you want.

3. Messenger

Without this option you can't send messages to anyone. From here easily you can chat to other but the condition is that messenger app should be installed in your phone.

4. Notification Bar

This section is very important in facebook. After clicking on this, you will know about all the things whatever occurs on facebook like if anyone posts, it will notify you and if anyone send you a friend request, also it will mention you in this bar.

5. Search Bar

Search bar is very useful to search friends who are not in your facebook friend list, simply using it you can search new friends and send them a friend request.

No 6 option is must important to know and here you have to click. Without it you cannot delete your facebook account so click on it as it is shown below.

Now, scroll down you will find 'setting' option click on it.

As soon as you click on setting option, you will find extra options but no need to click on any of them just again scroll down and find the option 'Account Ownership And Control' and then click on it.

As soon as you click, you will find an interface with three options but you have to click one name is ' Deactivation And Deletion '.

Now click on ' Deactivation And Deletion ' and you will find two options.

1. Deactivate account

Deactivate option is for those people who don't want to delete their facebook account but only deactivate. If you select this option, it will only deactivate the account and it will not show on facebook unless you log in once.

It means that deactivating any account is not to destroy the account, just by doing so the account is hide.

2. Delete account

If you are in the mood of permanent deletion, you should choose this option to permanently delete facebook account. When you delete the account, you won't be able to retrieve the data from facebook that you have shared.

And after this process your facebook account will be deleted permanently if you didn't log in before 30 days. It means you can recover your account from here when you log in within 30 days otherwise it will delete permanently.

So if you have thought to delete your account just select delete account and continue to account deletion.

As soon as you click on 'continue to account deletion', it will open a new interface. Here you have to click delete account.

And then, it will confirm the password of the account which you want to delete.
Put your password and click continue.

Finally it will tell you that you will be able to recover your account within 30 days and after 30 days it will disappear it means permanently deleted.

So just click on 'delete account' and at last your account will be permanently deleted.

So I hope this article will be helpful. I also use this process to delete my facebook account whenever I need to delete.
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