iPhone apps - Best Apps For iPhone ( iOS App )

iPhone apps - Best Apps For iPhone ( iOS App )

iPhone apps - Best Apps For iPhone ( iOS App )
iPhone Apps

If you have an iPhone, you should know what type of iPhone apps you have to use. Always use best apps for iPhone because good apps make you phone even better, so if you are finding to pick up best apps for your iPhone from app store, it is the right place.

As time passes, people are changing themselves in the same way ( according to their desires ). First of all, when there weren't android phones, everyone wishes to have an android phone but now the trend of iPhone is going on, people are starting to use iPhones.

Today who don't want to have an iPhone, I think that it is a desire of everybody to have iPhones particularly in India.

So more people are using iPhones today, but the best way to use your iPhone is that what type of apps you installed in your iPhone because having iPhone is a common thing now, but how to use it, it matters.

So generally we use all the apps which are already given in the iPhone but here I have discussed about some apps which will prove to be the good apps for your iPhone.

So let's start

iPhone apps - Best Apps For iPhone ( iOS App )


1. Vellum

This attractive app is one of the best apps for iPhone users.

Actually when you buy a smartphone, you want it to look more attractive so you change wallpapers using existing wallpapers in your iPhone, but it never gives more attractive look to your iPhone because of no more designed wallpapers.

Now no need to worry, here I have an app 'Vellum' for your iPhone. It's a really cool app for amazing wallpapers. It gives different types of wallpapers to look your smartphone stunning.

So if you have an iPhone, install this app in your iPhone to give a glorious look to your phone's interface by using high quality wallpapers.

Set different stunning wallpapers from this wallpaper app.

2. 1Password

Everyone knows iPhone is already secure in itself, but when you do a lot of online works, it's a compulsory thing to create many accounts and it confuses to remember passwords, so here is very cool application to make your task easy. Its name is 1Password.

1Password is a very helpful and one of the top iPhone apps to manage your all the passwords which are used to secure different types of gmail accounts.

Using this app easily you can remember all passwords for your email and just in one click log in your ambitious account that you want to use.

Secure everything that is necessary for your business using this gmail security app.
This app is also available on google play store for android phones.

3. NYT Cooking App

If you are a cooking lover, so this cooking app is perfect for your iPhone because it is not only useful but also a good app for iPhone users.

After installing this app you will be able to learn all your favorite cookings in your iPhone.

This app helps to prepare more than 15000 recipes and easily you can find your favorite recipe to learn how to cook that and all the process to prepare.

It is free to download but you will have to access to use its features.
It will be the best recipe app for your iPhone.

4. Spark Email

We normally use default email app it helps to read all types emails like promotion, study and much more where you logged in  actually.

There is a problem of default app is that its all the emails merge itself, so it is a little bit difficult to find them individually but here is an email app ( spark email ) which is really very useful to find individual emails.

Spark email is an free email managing app. Its interface is very easy to use and It splits all the emails in category wise.

Although you can take its interface into full view but for your comfort you should enjoy its individual features like Pin emails, Notifications emails, Important emails and much more.
It is the best email management app.

5. Spotify 

Spotify is a tip top music app for iPhone users and also it can be installed in android phones. Spotify is actually music app. Here you can listen all types of songs like new, old and also artist wise and shuffle.

You can get here free music of any track or album. Easily be able to create your own playlists and share them.

So if you have an iPhone, this app will be the best app for hearing all types music. It is a free music player for iPhone and android users too.

6. RingGo

RingGo is a parking app. Whenever you go for walk with your wheeler, it becomes very difficult to find a parking place but if you have an app name is RingGo, you need not to worry to park your wheeler.

When you search on its map, It suggest you more locations to park near you. Using this app easily find the place where you want to park and also pay quickly.

It is very necessary and best parking app for travelling.
It is also used by android users because of best android app ever.

7. Lifesum

Lifesum is a fitness app. If you don't control on your eating, I say it will be the best app for you.

It plans everything related to your diet, weight, calorie and much more. It has a food diary for tracking your diet which suit better for you at all.

It can provide food planning, what type of nutrition is necessary. Only select a goal it will automatically instruct you to gain essential amount of calories, protein and also a great meal planning according to your goal.

It is also called best android application and iPhone app too.

8. Houseparty 

It is one of the best social media apps for iPhone users and android users too. It is the best way to be with your friends in live video chat. It is group video chat app to converse to your friends.

Talk to the people who are liked most and be connect with friends of friends too.
You can also invite a friend with whom you want to talk.

Suppose that you want to talk to anyone but he is not online, you can easily send a face mail to inform his friend, So for video chatting it will be the best social media app for you.


UNiDAYS is a student app to give them discounts with the great codes.
UNiDAYS saves your money from many brands like Nike, Apple and more. Brands also boost their discounts to give bigger savings.

If you use it at school, college or university time, you will be able to get a special student discount that saves your enough money.
You can get discount in all the categories like music, technology, fashion and more.

So I will suggest you to shop anything from here.


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Gumbo beet greens corn soko endive gumbo gourd. Parsley shallot courgette tatsoi pea sprouts fava bean collard greens dandelion.


Gumbo beet greens corn soko endive gumbo gourd. Parsley shallot courgette tatsoi pea sprouts fava bean collard greens dandelion.

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