Productivity Tools - Best Android Productivity Apps

Productivity Tools - Best Android Productivity Apps

Productivity Tools - Best Android Productivity Apps
Productivity Tools 

Productivity Tools - Best Android Productivity Apps 

In normal life, everyone is using a smartphone and most of the time of the day they are spending here for their fair use.

But most of the people don't know the proper way of using phones because they don't know actually how to use their phones in proper way.

Do you know? there are many best productivity aaps on Google play store that can make your phone very useful for you.

If these apps are installed in your phone, in fact you will surely find that your phone is really useful for you.

With the help of some apps ( Google Keep & IFTTT ) discussed below you can have your daily routine with a sedule and also much more things after downloading the best android productivity apps in your phone.

Productivity apps give a right direction of our phones and actually tell howmuch the apps are important in our smartphone.

So I will tell you free productivity apps which must be in your smartphone.

1. Google Keep 

Google keep is a very smart application & surely it should be in your smartphone.

Normally by default more productivity applications are given but here I am talking about ' Notepad ' in which we can write any thing for reminding the work that you want to do next but in comparison to google keep Notepad is nothing because 'google keep' has much extra features.

Suppose that you have a lot of forgetfulness and forget anything frequently, you can use this application very easily.

Through this application you can note any thing that you forget frequently, you can add audios, images for remembering the next idea.

You can change the color of its interface as you wish, pin any note, set reminder and much more amusing features.

It has a unique feature that is ' Pin '. Pin feature helps in keeping any note at the top. when you pin any note, the note goes at the top and easily find it.

It is very helpful productivity software for android.

2. Quick Edit 

Quick edit is one of the best apps to increase phoductivity. The app that lets you easily edit any type of html coding.

Basically this app is very useful for those people who wanna cutomize websites on mobile, With the help of this app no matter what you want to add to HTML coding even removing it, you can easily manage html coding in mobile.

When we create a new website, we have to do several types of work in html like template customization, adsense code adding in html and more.

if the people who don't have computers, can easily cutomize html coding using quick edit.

So I will say this app is a top productivity app for android.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a free productivity app that is found in all mobile phones, but very few people use it. This is an app that can increase the productivity of the mobile.

Google drive collects your all types of images, audio files, video files, pdf flies etc using your email address.

Suppose that you add any file in google drive, that file will never be deleted no matter how many mobile phones you change.
Only remember your email address in which you have added a file.

Using it you can easily save images, audios, videos, PDFs from google drive to gallery and also use it for sharing high quality files from one email to another email so you can also do a business of any file through it.

It is really one of the best apps for business productivity.


IFTTT app is a really very useful for your android, it automatically manages everything which you add in its applets.

Its full name ( IFTTT android ) is 'if this then that'. It means that you can do whatever you want to add in its applets with a helpful result, this app makes your work very easy.

Well there are so many features mentioned in it and all can be very useful to you, but I am telling you one of them so that you can think of the good features of the app.

Here is an example of this app that is 'automatically take full ring tone when you phone is on charging'

Suppose that your ring volume is low but as soon as you connect your phone with charger, automatically its ring volume will be high and also when you add any feature, you can get notification through it if you set it 'turn on' mode.

5. Dailyhunt ( Newshunt ) 

Dailyhunt is a best news app, eaisily install it for increasing your phone's productivity. Whenever we have to read news, most of the people use different types of newspapers but now you can read all types of news in your phone using this productivity app.

It includes all types of languages like hindi, english, gujrati, punjabi etc. You can select one and easily have yourself update.

It also permits to get notification of any news so it is the best news app for android.

No need to read any type of newspaper only follow this easier app if you are interested to keep yourself update.

6. Shake Flashlight

Shake Flashlight is a really very useful app, When you go in dark. After installing this app no need to turn on flashlight using your mobile feature just shake your mobile to turn it on.

Shake flashlight is the unique app for turning on your flash in seconds. It is very easy to use and has simple interface to use it.

So if you wanna to increase your phone's productivity, use it and make the moment surprising.

7. Google Translate 

Google Translate is a best translation app.
Firstly I would say, Google translate is a large dictionary for all the words exist in english, hindi etc. It is a very good translater for all languages.

It is an easy way to write a paragraph in english using hindi typer, it converts hindi to english and vice versa.
Similarly, many languages ​​can be converted into other languages ( over 100 languages ).

If you are a student so this app should be in your phone compulsory. It solves all the vocabulary problems in seconds.

You can use it offline and also as a language translator online.
It is a productivity app for students.

8. SMS Organizer

Sms organizer is a best messaging app that separates all the messages in catagories like personal message, promotional message, transactional message etc.

If different types of messages come in your and you face difficulties in searching them, this app helps to find all catagory messages in your mobile.

it automatically put all the messages according to their catagories and easily you can find messages that you want.
Install it and use it as a best texting app and also enjoy its all the amazing features.

9. Yt Studio

Yt studio is a creator studio and a very interesting app for those people who work with youtube videos.

Generally for customizing tags, title, description and other features we use Google chrome but it takes too much time.

If you wanna customize tags, title, description of your youtube videos easily, I will recommend you to install yt studio that is also called youtube creator.

Yr studio is very useful app for youtubers. It is very easy to customize thumbnail, tags, title. But remember, you can use it only when your youtube channel is verified.

So yt studio is a best app for youtubers and make your work easy using it.

10. Gaana Music 

Gaana music is a online music player and also supports offline music.
If you are a music lover so it will be the best music app for you.

It can play all types of music like hindi, english, punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and others.

Using it, you can play songs in a easy way with movie sequence, artist sequence and also listen old or new songs. I think that it has more melodies according to the mood as you want.

Suppose that if you play any song and it is liked by you so easily you can download it from here.

All things related to music are in this app.
Listen your favorite gaana hindi songs here.

So finally I would say, this article will be helpful for you and using these apps you can easily increase productivity of your phone.


  1. What a lovely post for giving a great knowledge about productivity apps. I am going to use all.

    Thank you.


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