Android Emoji - Emoji Faces For Android & New iphone Emojis

Android Emoji - Emoji Faces For Android & New iphone Emojis

Android Emoji - Emoji Faces For Android & New iphone Emojis
Emojis For Android & iOS

Android Emoji - Emoji Faces For Android & New iphone Emojis.

whenever we chat on android phones, In our mind we always think If we have to express my emotions, we will defenetly use emojis.

Actually text emoji is a very simple way to express our emotions.

Emojis help us to show all the feelings that we feel and want to express through chat. Particularly we use basic emojis which all exist in our android emoji keyboard.

But suppose that if you want to express your emotions with your own emojis, it will be very surprising for all the people.

So People always find new emoji list and searched everywhere to get much more new emojis.

So now don't worry here we have collected a list of emoji Apps for android and also for ios devivde using one of these apps you can easily make your own emoji that can surprise to others and also discussion some apps where you get already built emojis.

1. Bitmoji

Bitmoji is really cool app for creating your own emoji faces or emojis.
It is very popular emoji app with 2M reviews on google play store.

It has very good rating of 4.6 with over 100M downloads.
This app can be used everywhere like whatsapp, snapchat, facebook and others.

It has a large number of cartoon avatars that may be fit in you & huge number of stickers.

When you create your own avatar using it then it becomes very funny. It is really amusing way to communicate all the emotions through it.

You can also design your avatar as you want. If the designed avatar is not like that as you imagine, you can defenetly tweak it.
It is the best emoji app for android.

2. Zmoji

Zmoji is also your avatar maker in different styles. Zmoji is really helpful for those peolpe who like to change everything of their faces like hair style, nose, face, eyebrow etc.
It means you can create you live avatar as you want to be.

All the things can be changed in new avatar using this emoji app 'Zmoji'.

It has much more animated emojis. Its all emojis are unique and lots in numbers.
Animated avatars or animated stickers become helpful for those who don't want to create their own but want to express their emotions through emojis.

This app has almost over 1500 emojis to use.

3. Bobble Indic Keyboard

Bobble Keyboard is my favorite keyboard to express feelings. It is because of its emoji suggestions at right time. Suppose that you are typing something and it needs emojis, it suggest you to send related emoji on your chat.

You can also add all the bobble stickers to your whatsapp for surprising your partner.

Using bobble keyboard your one selfie can be converted into many different types of stickers and GIFs because it can add your face with different body structures.

So easily you can change yourself in different stickers.

This app is not only useful for stickers but also for different unique styles texts.
You can type texts in amusing styles.

It has funny animated GIFs, real time stickers suggestion, customizable keyboard theme with super fast typing and the main this is that it consists of 20+ languages.

4. Elite Emoji

Elite emoji is a high quality and one of the best free emotions app. In one tap you can send it all the social sites wherever you want.

It has 3000+ emojis with different face look like funny and lovely, 3D emojis, angry and also puppies, Flowers, kittens. You find here new emojis with original emotions.

This app is very useful for those people who don't want to write messages because already it has more written messages like happy birthday, thank you, sorry, I miss you and other related to it.

It means without writing you can send famous words in one tap.
It includes more GIFs using these GIFs you can express feelings that you want to show.

5. Giphy - Animated GIFs Search Engine

Giphy is really stunning and largest collection of GIFs. The app is all about GIFs.
All types of GIFs are available in this application.

If you install it, it will mean you took all catagory GIFs in your phone.

In the app, search GIFs and send it facebook, whatsapp, wherever else you want.

If you wanna record GIFs, you can do it easily using it you can add any video, picture, sticker, GIF from your gallery.

Giphy is really very fastest and simplest way to find out any type of GIF and share anywhere.

So if you are interested in sending GIFs to your friends so this will the best app for you.

6. Emoji Maker 

Emoji maker is a emoji app for android using it make your own emoji easily. Actually its rating on google play store is 4.0 so you can't say very good rating but really it is very good app because of its high quality graphics of any avatar, scratch or created own emoji.

Pic up any body or any face and combine it for making emojis easily.
The app has all the parts of the face for making a good looking emoji like hair, beard, glasses and more.

Suppose that you customize any emoji yourself, it will automatically go In 'my emoji' folder that is already available in this app.

This app is very simple to use. Easily with it you can make eye catching emojis.

7. Emojily - Create Your Emoji

Emojily is a really the most customizable app on playstore, you can take lots of desings to fix an emoji in this app like hats, eyebrows, mouths and others.

It also includes love stickers, Zombies, cats, dogs and all the emoji, with that you can make your emoji as you wish.

Show your all the friends that you have created the new avatars of emojis. It means that it is a store of different styles of emoji faces.

8. Emoji Keyboard

Emoji keyboard is a app where you find already created emojis. If anyone think can he make his own emoji with this so answer will be 'No' because it is very useful app for those people who want already built emojis.

This is an app that has a great deal of wonderful emojis already built in all emotions.

It consists of free emojis for android over 5000 faces and over 3000 themes that can be used as you wish to have.

A huge collection of funny GIFs and stickers. You can also customize keyboards with your loving picture that you want.
It has large number of font styles and supportable languages up to 150.

9. Nomoji

Most of the people use android phones and use play store for installing any app in their mobiles but the people who use iphones, they use apple app store for installing any app.
I am going to tell you the app related to iphone holders who want free and useful emojis and stickers for iphone message.

Nomoji is a free and smart stickers app. It dosn't have a large list of emoji signs but whatever is in this app is very unique.

Its all the stickers give you instructions.

For example :

• If you prohibit to do anything, only you should send a sticker in a red color that represents not to do that work.

• you can also rotate all the stickers and resize them.

• it has very simple interface and limited stickers for free.

10. Girl Moji

Generally I have discussed above all the emoji apps for free but this one is a paid app but very cheap. Its price is about 1 dollar

The app is not for men because its all the emojis look like girl's faces and really all the emoji faces are very beautiful.

This app is very useful for girls who want to show their expressions in girl's faces so I will recommend to use them this app for surprising their friends.

But this app is only for iphone users not for android users.
Here you find new iphone emojis for girls.

So I hope this article will be helpful for those people who want new emojis for android or iphones.


  1. Superb sir ..
    I will download definitely these apps to make my phone amazing.


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