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Top 5 Best Tips To Secure Your Wireless connection
Secure Wireless Network

Now a days, the Internet is being used everywhere and it has become very useful for us as we are proceeding in the future.

Some people are enjoying it by using their mobile data and some people are enjoying it by connecting their wireless connections that is called Wi-Fi but those who run the internet in their phones with the help of their wireless connections ( wifi ) face a big problem that is some bad guys connect their wifi connections without their permission so that the speed of the mobile be slow and don't know how should wifi secure when any bad guy use it without permission.

But now if your wireless network is used by someone without your permission, don't worry and easily learn how can you make your wireless network security. 

So today we will tell you some tips how to secure your wifi connection easily. There are some tips that will be really useful to secure your wireless connection from stealing anyone so now learn public wifi security.

So let's start
First, you have to access the page of router's settings by putting a number of "" and then you just enter your email and password correctly that is set when you buy your router.

Secure Wifi Connection

1. Change your default password that is set when you buy a router then a password is set for your router so for making your router more secure you should change your default password and you can create a new one after creating a new one it prevents bad guys accessing into your wireless internet security.

The password can be changed from the option 'security key' when you log in to your router’s settings page.

2. You should change SSID of your router that is set as default. It also makes your wifi connection secure in comparison to first. As soon as you set your router's SSID, you will always be secure.

Always be careful and never use your name, other personal information in SSID name. Put it unique that is not known by anyone.

3. Change your wireless security options of your wireless connection. If you really want to prevent your wireless network from stealing by other unknown devices so just change your security option.

To change this option on your Wireless network, Just follow it as it is mentioned below.

open the wireless security settings on your router’s configuration page and it will suggest you three options


but you should select WPA2-PSK [AES] or WPA-PSK [TKIP] + WPA2-PSK [AES] these both options secure your wife but never choose 'open' because if you choose 'open' anyone can connect your network.

4. Reduce the range of your Wifi it will help to minimize unknown connections.
Many more people use their wireless connections without changing the range of their wifi and think there is no matter of range so we will say that they think wrong and should use their wireless connection in low range. 

When you use low range of wifi then it prevents no more bad guys accessing into your wifi so it helps to secure your internet connection to be steal.

5. Check an unknown connected device if you think that your wifi is used by many more bad guys so use airsnare that is absolutely free and it finds all the  connections that are attached in your wifi.

So using this you can secure your wifi connection easily.

So these all are the best tips to secure your wireless connection.

We hope that it will be useful for you if you enjoyed please share it.

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