Deactivate Instagram - Delete Your Instagram Account

How to delete instagram account
Delete Instagram Account

Deactivate Instagram - Delete Your Instagram Account 

Instagram is very famous application after facebook most of the people use instagtam.

In most of the cases people have one instagram account but some people use multiple accounts and use it easily but when they think to delete instagram permanently then it become very complicated for them because of no knowledge how to delete ig (instagram) account permanently.

So Today we will talk about how to delete or cancel instagram account.

So let's start

There are some very easy steps to delete instagram just follow it step by step as it is mentioned below.

Firstly you have to open your instagram Id which you want to delete permanently
Open your profile after that click on three points on the upper right corner.

As soon as you click on three points you have to scroll down and find 'help center'
Just click on that.

After clicking on help centre you find 'managing your account' now tap on that as soon as you tap on managing your account, you are asked for 'delete your account' just click on that.

After that you have to scroll down and you find many more instructions but you have to click only 'Go to the delete your account page' as it is mentioned below in the image.

After clicking on that you are asked for your email and password that you have used in creating your account. You have to fill up carefully your id information otherwise you will not enter in your Id.

Now you will find a reasonable tab. You have to give a reason why you want to delete instagram account permanently. You can tell your reason there are many reasons to tell in the tab you can choose one.

When you give a reason for deleting your instagram account you go one step ahead.
It will ask you to re-enter your password.

So simply put your password there and just below you can see in red colour 'permanently delete my account' so now you have to click on this and then ok .

So all the process would be completed and your account also be deleted.

And the same process in your pc if you want to delete your instagram account in your pc or laptop so simply follow step by step instructions as it is shown above.

Also from your pc your account will be deleted.

So this is the process to delete instagram account easily.

We hope that this information will be useful and if you really enjoyed please share it.
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