How To Call Anyone From Anyone's Number In Your Phone

Call Anyone From Anyone's Number
Call Anyone From Anyone's Number

• Call Anyone From Anyone's Mobile

We all want new things in our android phones and always search something new about technology or technical things so keeping in mind that we are going to tell you about a surprising thing that is really amazing for you.

You will be surprised when you know about that but we are confirming that use it in a right way not in wrong way.

So finally today we are talking about an application that is really amazing and may be very useful. With the help of this app, you can call anyone from anyone's mobile phone and also know how to call anyone with any number for free.

Now you are thinking this is fake so don't worry we will prove this is not fake it works really well or you can say in other language it is a magical app.

But first we have to confirm for using it you should know both numbers that are put on the interface of this application.

Using this app you can take fun with your friends and colleagues easily without any restriction.

So follow all the instructions given below
You will be able to call someone from a different number in android app.

Firstly, you have to go google play store and search 'Call India - Intcall'. You will get an application with 4.1 rating that is downloaded by 500 thousands + times.

If you don't believe yet, you can also check all the comments in app review bar are given by many users.

So let's start

Easily you have to download and install it in your phone as you open this application you will get an interface where you have to put the number from which you have to call to anyone not yours.

As soon as you put number you have to go one step forward now you will get again an interface where you have to put the number whom you have to call. These both steps you have to do carefully.

And then it will definitely call from the number that you have put first one, it means it will automatically call from the number from which you want to call and the process will be completed how to change your number when you call someone.

You can also see in the picture below

Easily make the conversation effective. Your friends or colleagues will be surprised by you but always remember you must be connected to the internet during the call.

If your internet connection is down, your call automatically will disconnect.

And main thing is that this app gives you only 3 minutes to talk freely and if you want to talk more than 3 minutes, for that you will have to buy extra minutes.

In one installation it works only one time it means you cannot change the first interface number from which you want to talk. If you have to call the second time from second number, you will not be able and It will be only when you again install this app in your phone.

So try this app and make all friends fool.
We hope that it will be useful for you and if you really enjoyed please share it.

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