10 Cool Websites - All Are The Most Interesting and useful websites

10 cool websites
10 Cool Websites 

• Top 10 Most Useful Websites 

We know that Google is a really powerful search engine that helps to search everything whatever we want actually.

Easily it gives more solutions of our questions and also it minimizes all the problems related to any thing but do you know ? there are more interesting things available on it that may be helpful in many ways.

So if you use internet in a right way, this article may be very useful for you because today we are going to talk about 10 cool websites that are really very useful so here is an amazing list of websites and all websites are the best websites.

So let's start

1. Fast.com 

We use internet connections in our phones and today most of the mobile phones show network speed upper side but there are some mobile phones that don't have this feature.

So if your mobile doesn't have such a feature then there is no need to worry.
Now you have a website name is fast.com. It is one of the top sites and using this site you can find the current speed of your internet in your mobile without any dificulty.

2. Flightstats.com

If you are fond of air travelling, you will never have the right idea of coming flights but if you want to check status of your flight, you can easily check using this website flightstats.com

It helps to give a right location of your flight so it is very good website and helpful.

3. Videos.pixels.com

Basically we all find free videos that could be used anywhere but most of the people don't get it but we have found a new website where you will see many videos with creative common licensed.

It means you can easily download and use those videos in your content.

It is a place where you can find hd videos.

4. Screenshot.guru

Screenshot guru is the most interesting website where you can take your mobile's or desktop's screenshot in high quality.
It is very easy to use.
So if you are interested, just check it.

5. Headspace.com

It is the best web page for those people who are troubled by stress, sleep and they really want to get rid of their stresses and be fresh mind so this website can reduce
their all the stresses by learning the art of meditation.

6. Class-central.com

If you like to read online, it will be one of the most useful websites.

It provides free online courses worldwide.
So it is very useful for students who want to do online courses.

7. Instructables.com

If you are going to start something in your future and there is noone to guide you, this website will prove to be very good for you because here you get step by step guidance and can do better startup.

8. Wordcounter.net

If you write articles or parapraphs and you have no idea of number of words so now no need to worry copy all the words and paste on this website you will get an idea of word's number easily.

9. Clyp.it

If you are fond of singing and like to record songs so it is very useful for you.
Record your voice and upload it here.
It is one of the best music websites.

10. Giphy

Giphy is a site where you can find all types of giphys. With the help of these you can express your face in different types and be connect with new giphys.

So we hope that this article will help you to suggest about top websites around you.

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