Top 5 Best File Sharing Apps Of 2018 - Useful Apps For Sharing Big Files

Top 5 Best File Sharing Apps Of 2018
Top 5 Best File Sharing Apps Of 20185 Best File Sharing Apps Of 2018 

If we want to share data from one device to other device then we use basically share it that is really best app for file sharing on android.

But if you feel boring with this application then you can use other Top 5 android apps to transfer android files which we are just going to tell so you can say that there are more best file sharing apps available on playstore.

So let's start

1. We Transfer

We transfer is one of the best file transfer applications for android and we think that It is a simplest way to share big files or items from one device to other device. 

It has really good rating of 4.4 and 5 Million+ downloads. Using this application people can send one billion files in a month that is really big score.

For using this app just download it and select the items which you want to share to other. It requires the email address of the receiver as soon as you click next button then the receiver will get a download link.

With the help of this you can transfer almost 10 GB f data.

2. Zapya

Zapya is a fast share free file transfer application. It is a best way to share large files. This application works in Mac, Android, Windows, ios etc.

It supports more languages English, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese and much more.
It works without internet or wi-fi. So you can easily share files with the help of it.

Using this application you can discover videos shared by others and enjoy it.
It has three ways to share
• QR code
• Simple transfer files
• After creating a group

So this is really amazing one file transfer application.

3. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a also best file sharing app 2018. It works very fast and smooth without internet connection. It has good rating of 4.7 and 10 million + downloads.

You can send all types of files directly or using QR codes. Firstly you have to set default profile name and at first time it takes a 6 digit key for an easy transfer from one device to another device.

using this app you can share all the links via all the social media.
So really useful application for sharing files.

4. Share Apps - File Transfer

4 Share Apps is a quick file sharing app. You can share your all data by 1 click anywhere.

No need any type of internet connection and when it connects between two devices its speed goes up to 20M/s that is really fastest.

Using this app share all types of files like photos, music, videos, apps and many more.
It supports 25+ languages.

Its size is only 5.3MB and it has been downloaded by 10 million+ users. Its rating is also good that is 4.3.

5. Software Data Cable

Software Data Cable is one of the fastest apps for file transfer. Its transfer speed is up to 300MB/s that is really unbelievable.
It connects phones, Pc, Tablets, Mac etc.

With help of this application you can transfer audio, video, apps, files, folders from one to another.

It is very easy and secure to use. If you don't want to transfer files directly then you can scan QR Codes to connect devices with each other.

So if you really want to enjoy just download it.       

So these all are best fast file transfer apps for android.
We hope that this article will be useful and if you enjoyed please share it as you can.

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