5 Settings To Speed Up Your Android Phone 2019 - Tips To Make Android Run Faster

How to speed up your android 2018
How To Speed Up Your Android 2019

Tips To Make Android Run Faster

We buy an new Android Phone it works smoothly but as the time passes its speed of working is slow and we think how to make our android phone run faster.

So now, need not to worry because here we have discussed how to speed up our android phone very easily.

So let's start

1. Turn off notifications

As soon as soon we enable our phone's mobile data a thousand of social site's notifications ( facebook, whatsapp, instagram etc. ) Begin to show on the top of home screen.

It causes to speed down of android phone so if you want to get rid of notifications, go to settings and turn off it.

As you do this process your, phone's all the notifications will stop and it affects not to hang or speed down of your android phone.

This is one of the best ways to make android phone faster.

2. Protect From Viruses

You always install many types of apps to improve your smartphones and through these apps your phone gets many viruses that slow down your phone and then you think how to make slow smartphone faster.

But now don't worry here is a solution if you are interested to speed up your android phone.

Just go to settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect > Turn On

After doing this setting your phone will be protect from viruses and you can easily speed up android phone without rooting.

3. Block Ads In Android Phone

Today is a trend of ads inside the apps.

When we open any app, it starts getting ads on the screen and we close those after that do our process which we what to do in the apps so we will say it is also a bigger problem to slow down your mobile.

So to get rid of these problems you will have to do a setting after that your all apps be free of ads and you will learn a new thing how to block ads on android.

So just go to settings > Ads > Opt out of Ads personalization > turn on

4. Software update

We use our phones continuously, but the mobile phone has to be kept in mind as well as the softwares of the mobile.

Whenever you get an update of apps, you should update immediately to minimize all the bugs of the apps. It helps to improve your smartphone slow to fast.

So always turn on auto update option in google play store.

Also you have to check your sofware update if there is an update then complete that process and really it will speed up your android phone.

5. Uninstall Useless Apps 

In our phones we install many applications to enjoy different types of features but there are some apps which are only take space and slow down your android speed.

It is also a reason to reduce speed of your smartphone. So always have necessary apps not more useless apps.

If you have useless apps just uninstall it.

So these are tips make android phone faster 2019.

We hope that it will be useful for you and if you really enjoyed this please share it as you can.

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