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How To Secure Debit Card Details
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Debit Card - Debit Card Fruad 

As the time is passing, people are changing themselves and going offline to online but they don't know how it is safe so they have to be secure debit card number or online transactions from all types of frauds because it is increasing in the huge ratio.

Whenever we buy something online or use online payment method then we don't know our transaction will be secure or not. 

So today we will talk about debit card fraud protection tips that can be really helpful.

So let's start

1. http or https

It is really very useful tip for all of you how to protect your debit card information  and most of the people don't know about that.

If you have to do transaction through any website that is not secure it means in the beginning of the site http is used then these types of sites are unsafe which can leak the information of your debit card that can cause you to loss.

But if the link of the website is starting with https then you need not to worry and can do transactions easily with high trust.

So if you are interested in doing online transactions so be aware from all the frauds.

2. Debit Or Credit Card

Generally for online transaction we use our debit card but we don't know that it's not a kind of secure way because debit card holds low features with itself.

Suppose that a hacker hack your debit card details and deducts money from your account, it will not be recover soon and it may be loss of you.

But if you do it from your credit card, you may also recover your money back in most of the cases because the credit card is more secure than the debit card.

So if you have a question how do you keep you credit card safe so just follow the instructions mentioned above so always use credit card for online transactions

3. Public WiFi 

How to protect your debit card from being hacked most of the people don't know use of public wifi may be biggest cause of their loss.

Everyone uses public wifi whenever gets a chance but it may a cause of loss in some cases.

Sometimes when we are on public place and if the Internet pack has ended in our mobiles, we use Public Wi-fi but if you are doing a transaction with that network please don't do with it because it may leak you card details and your account will be empty.

So protecting debit card and credit card always use own network for transaction.

4. Protect Your Pin Number

Always avoid to see others security features of credit and debit card because pin number plays a big role Still, we don't pay much attention to this and we keep writing the PIN in our wallet but you shouldn't have to make this mistake.

You always have to remember the PIN number If you don't do this then someone whom you know well can harm you.

So keep secure your pin number and also debit card number from hackers.

So we hope that these 4 ways to keep debit or credit card safe will be helpful.
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