How To Recover Contacts In Android - Recover Deleted Contacts From Android phones

Recover Contacts In Android Easily

• How To Recover Contacts In Android

Contact numbers in our Android phones
are very necessary and everyday we use it.

Although we don't give importance to the contact numbers but when for some reasons it gets deleted from our phones then we have an idea of ​​their importance and think how to recover deleted contacts from android phones.

and we do all the efforts for getting numbers back and think that the numbers come back in any way but sometimes we are very disappoint because of not getting the numbers back.

So if you think everything is finished then we will say don't worry here is two easy way to recover contacts in your android.

So let's start

1. Google Account Method

Google account method is very easy to use and simply you can recover your all contacts in your mobile.

If you think how to recover contacts from gmail so don't worry follow step by step as mentioned below.

First of all you will have to know It works only when your all contacts save in your google account otherwise you will be unable to recover by this method so always we will suggest you to save your contacts in your google account if you save your all contacts in your google account, it will be really easy to bring your contacts back or all the contacts can be extracted from there easily.

Suppose that if you accidentally deleted your all numbers, you can bring it back very easily.

So just follow it.

Firstly you have to go to Google contacts ( search '' ) as it is shown. If you are asked to sign in, sign in with your Google Account.

After that, all your contact numbers will be shown that saved in your Google Account.
To bring back the deleted numbers, tap on the menu as you can see after that click on 'more' option select 'undo changes' and then you have to select time because contacts recover only within 30 days.

After selecting the time, tap on confirm button. As soon as it is confirmed your all the changes in selected time will be recover and your all contacts will be back.

2. Apps Method

Suppose that your contacts are not saved in your google account then google account method doesn't work but there are best apps to recover contacts using these apps you can recover your contacts easily.

There are many applications available on play store that will really help to recover your contacts.

We will talk about only one ( EaseUs mobi saver ) that is really awesome.

It is one of the best contact recovery apps for android that can recover your all data of your contacts as well as photos, files, images, videos text messages etc.

So it will be the best contact recovery software for your android.

This is really best data recovery software. Using it you can easily get your data back.
We discussed only one app because it works properly so if you haven't saved your contacts in your google account you can easily use this app although there are more apps for recovery data but this is the best.

So we hope that it will be helpful for returning your all deleted contacts and data.

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