Best Android Tips and Tricks 2018 - Most Useful Tips For Android Phones

Best Android Tips And Tricks 2018
Best Android Tips And Tricks 2018

• Android Tips And Tricks 2018 

Today we will talk about latest android tricks 2018 that can be really useful for your android phones if you follow instructions in the following about cool tricks for android phones.

Generally all of us use android phones and we only focus at its features but never think how it will be effective or useful. 

No doubt, we should absolutely use smartphones, but now a days As the time is moving forward, we all are spending most of our time on mobiles. So we have to focus how can we minimize the use of mobile phones.

Actually if we use mobiles more than usual. 
it affects our body parts and also more use of mobiles consume our precious time which we spend on that.

So here is best android tips and tricks  just follow it to make your smartphones more useful.

So let's start

1. Night Mode

As we know how the light of mobile phones affects our eyes whenever we use mobile's screen light with full strength, it directly affects our eyes, whereas most mobile componies provide the feature of night mode but we don't use it while you must use it. 

If you really use mobile phones till late night then you must use this feature so that you can take care of your eyes along with your mobile.

So it is really one of the best tips and tricks about android that can save your eyes.

2. Minimize the Use Of Smartphones

Now a days we use smartphones for basic usages, entertainment and more but since the trend of social sites has started, we spend most of our time on mobiles which affects our routine if we want to do any other work then it remains deprived. 

So we should minimize the use of our mobile phones so that we can also do those tasks which are necessary.

So just use your smartphones as much as it is necessary because unnecessary use is useless.

3. Keep Your Phone Away 3 or 4 feet

Well, as we know that we always stick to our phones and whenever we finish our work on the phones at night, we keep the phone adjacent and fall asleep. 

Actually this tip may be very useful for you, so we will suggest you that you should always keep the phone 3 or 4 feet away from you so that you can survive and enjoy good sleep avoiding radiations. 

Because if you keep your phone adjacent of you then radiations from your mobile phones can affect your sleep and also brain.
So using this tip you can be safe from the harmful effects of cell phones.

4. Use Original Chargers

Finally this is very important tip how to save android phone's battery life. generally we use only our original chargers to charge our mobile phones but sometimes or often some other chargers of the other companies are used by us for charging our phones so it is the most harmful to our mobiles actually it reduces your battery life and when chargers don't support then it heats to your mobiles so if you have to charge with other chargers so use only branded chargers with same output capacity and always keep safe your mobile phones.

So we hope that it all will be the best tips and tricks 2018 to make your smartphones more useful.
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