Bad Apps - Dangerous Apps For Android ( Useless )

5 Android Apps You Shouldn't Install In Your Smartphone
Bad Apps - Dangerous Apps

Bad Apps - Dangerous Apps For Android ( Useless ) 

To make our smartphones very creative we install many more applications from Google play store or third party but we dont know how it will affect to our smartphones.
It may be benificial or bad apps.

Actually many more apps which can really improve your smartphones but there are such dangerous apps that reduce your smartphone's performance so these apps you shouldn't download in smartphones.

So let's start

1. Messenger with Facebook

Facebook is really very famous application in the world. We all know that it is compulsory to install messenger app with facebook otherwise we will be unable to send messages to others. 

But you don't know that both apps cover much storage and RAM and it affects your smartphones performance so these both android apps to avoid and at the place of these applications you can use its lite versions that are unable to reduce your smartphone's performance but work properly.

So we recommend you not to install facebook app of large size with messenger because of taking large storage of your phone.

Use its light versions.

2. Weather Apps

Weather apps are very useful in our smartphones and we always recommend you to use by default weather apps that is given in your mobiles so no need to install more other weather applications.

In most of the cases it is found that your phone's information can be leak to the attackers through the third party weather apps and it also may hack your bank account details and many more.

So if you get a preloaded weather app so no need to install other apps because it may be harmful for your android.
So if you search best weather app for your phone, don't do it.

3. Antivirus 

All the antivirus apps are fake. If you think after installing antivirus applications your phone will be safe so we think it's a wrong thought.

We always search best antivirus android app but really if we download antivirus apps in any manner, it don't work properly and cover more RAM and storage.

So always be aware and don't install third party apps in your mobiles and also antivirus apps because it don't work although you have downloaded in any manner (from Google play store or third party).

The surprising thing is that your mobile can't get a virus until you download an app from a third party so you don't need to worry.

4. Battery Saver and Cleaner Apps

We always face our battery problems and think our phone's batteries down quickly and for using it long time we should install best battery saver apps and really we install it.

But believe us there is no use of those apps because all these types of apps are useless and it only takes storage and RAM not work properly.

Just like the battery saver is absolutely useless, there are cleaner apps in the same way because we also search for best android cleaner apps so these are also absolutely unfriendly so we recommend you not to install these types of apps in your mobile.

So please don't install these worst apps.

5. Uc browser

There are many famous apps on play store for browsing but I am talking about uc browser, do you know that ? All the versions of uc browser app are harmful. Uc browser for android is not safe actually It has fast speed and more advance features that makes it at highest.

But you don't know It leaks all the informations of your phone to the other network so it may cause a big issue for your android phone.

So if you use this application in your phone just uninstall it right now.

So finally I hope that this information will be useful so if you really enjoyed, share it as much as possible.
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