Top 5 Best Android Apps 2018 - You should install in your Smartphones

● Top 5 Best Android Apps 2018

A few Days ago, I have already shared some amazing apps that were really best
android apps for all time if you have read that article.

Top 5 Best Android Apps Of 2018
Top 5 Best Apps of 2018

Once again we searched some unique apps that may be really helpful for you if you install these apps in your smartphone.

So here we will talk about Android's 5 most exciting apps that are available on Google Play Store.

So let's start

1. Google Handwriting Input 

By the way, you may have seen many typing apps, but the one we are going to tell is completely different and the best. 

Generally we use more different types of typing apps in our mobiles for using as a best typer but Google Handwriting Input may be perfect for your mobile. 

With the help of this typing app, you can type your own handwriting on its interface because this app can write about 97 languages ​​and you will get more than 100 emojis.

You can draw your own created emojis in funny way which can express your feelings well. This app works in only android 4.0.3 and above. 

So really It is one of the best free android apps that can be used in your phone.

2 . Walk Me Up: Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are very useful for those people who wake up early in the morning using alarm clocks but there are some people who stop the clock even after the alarm sounds.

so here is a perfect app for such people who show laziness. It helps to wake up the people. It stops only when you walk a certain number of steps. 

It can also find if you cheat with it. So we think it is the best alam clock which can help you to wake up early in the morning.

3. Opera Touch

When we are on the go or we work then browsing the web is very difficult. But here is an application that can make web browsing very easy. 

This application works much faster than other applications. As soon as we search anything on the web using this application it hits faster and give results within seconds.

with the help of this application you can use your one hand for web browsing. It also works as a ad blocker when we search or find on this browser then it blocks all the ads for loading faster.

 so you can consider it as a best web browser for android.

4. Edge Screen

Edge screen is an application which is responsible for making your phone's looking style gorgeous. 

Generally edge screen feature is available in Samsung Galaxy S8- Note 8-S9 but now using this application you can also make your phone's screen like edge screen. 

This application gives an amazing interface of your phone. With this application you can use music, favourite apps, favourite contacts, weather and many more tools on the edge of the screen. 

It makes faster everything which we want to do in our phone.

So giving an attractive look of your phone
This is one of the best productive apps 2018 just install it right now.

5.GFX Tool

GFX Tool is an application for changing graphics, resolutions and many more of the games. 

In most of the cases we install high graphics games in our phone and it works smoothly if the phone is new but if the phone is old then high quality games doesn't work properly.

But after installing this application you can change the game settings like resolution, shadows, graphics, FPS according to your phone and you can play all the high graphics games after converting in low one.
This is one of the latest apps for android phones released in 2018.

So that all are best apps 2018 that may be useful.

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