5 Best Android Games Of 2018 - You Should Try In Your Smartphone

5 Best Android Games Of 2018 With Small Size
5 Best Android Games Of 2018

• 5 Best Android Games 2018

Games mean entertainment and entertainment is very necessary for us. So giving a little bit relaxation to our mind we play more games on our mobiles but we don't know which games would be the best for our android phones.

So generally there are more games available on Google Play Store but we will talk about Top Android Games Of 2018 that will work smoothly on your android device.

1. Snowboard Party

Snowboard party is a game that is actually very cool game that has 4.4 rating. It includes 5 million+ downloads on play store.

It has really good graphics. When you play this game you will feel the real snowboarding. This game can actually improve your all the skills about snowboarding.

You can perform at highest speed, Jump on the board, learn new tricks. You can also play this game in online mode with your friends all over the world.

So download it and enjoy of snowboarding.

2.  BasketRoll 3D

It is really amazing game with simple interface, high graphics and Soundtracks. It is more comfortable and easy to play.

This game checks your hand's stability on your device because when you play this game, this phone will work as a joystick (It means, device helps to control the basketball). 

As you cross the level, the dificulties increase ( more zig zag roads ) and it makes this game interesting.

So if you are interested to play this game, go and download it.

3. Strike Back

Strike back is a 3D shooting game with many missions over 300. This game is made for brave persons not for weaklings.

If you like fighting games, it will be the best for u because of its high graphics, high features. Playing this game you will get a great experience of rifles, gun machines and feel like a real soldier. 

You can play this game with different soldiers as you need because every soldier has a special quality in itself.

It has 4.5 rating with 1 million+ downloads so if you are interested then take it easily.

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

At a sudden we searched racing games on Google Play Store we got thousands results but finally we select one of best racing games that is really amazing racing game for your android device name is asphalt 8.

It is very popular game with 100 million+ downloads and rating is 4.5.
It has 200+ luxury cars (Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes etc.) and motorcycles with high quality features.

This game consist of more challanges for getting a good experience.
Using bikes and cars you can go against gravitational force in the sky after pressing a feature mode when you need.

You can do stunning stunts with the help of its amazing cars and motorcycles and enjoy listening music.

You can manage all the tools on screen as you want for making it easier.

5. King Of Dirt

King of dirt is a very entertaining game. It is actually riding game with magical stunts on different bikes like BMX, MTB, and much more. 

You can also create your own bikes as you want. As you proceed, you can unlock the stylish bikes for next level. 

Firstly you play, it will look very difficult but when you play continuously, it will be very easy for u. For playing this game in your android phone the requirements are minimum screen resolution 800 × 480, minimum RAM 1GB, Android version OS 4.1.

So these were Top 5 Android Games 2018 with high graphics and we hope this article will be helpful.

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